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Published: Sep 17, 2021

Everything you need to know about Service Providers and how to find one

You’ve probably heard the term “Service Provider” many times, but do you actually know what it means, who Service Providers are, and what do they do?

If you have any of these questions this article is for you! We will be explaining exactly what a Service Provider is, sharing examples of different Service Providers, and also give you some tips on where to find a Service Provider suitable for you.

What is a Service Provider?

According to the NDIS, a Service Provider is a person, business or organisation that delivers funded services. Service Providers have different areas of knowledge and expertise. This means that Service Providers will deliver specific services and supports depending on their knowledge and experience. There are many types of services a provider could offer, and some include:

  • Community access supports – that is someone who supports you getting out and about
  • Support during group activities – such as attending cooking classes in a group
  • Transportation – to assist you in using public transports with support or on your own
  • Allied Health Support – to finance the services for speech therapy, occupational therapy, phycological therapies or for equipment that aids your communication, mobility, etc.
  • Supported accommodation – that is living with direct support
  • Supported employment – that is working with direct support
  • and many more

Some Service Providers will offer a range of services, or they could just offer 1 form of support. Take Me Plus More for example, Me Plus More offers an online platform to work towards an individual’s independence. Service Providers of quality will specialise in areas that they know well, where they are able to provide a quality service. Therefore, checking that the Service Provider has the services required to meet your needs and additionally has the resources to assist you in working towards your goals is very important.

How to choose a provider

Choosing the right provider can help you to reach your goals. The first step in finding a Service Provider is to identify the types of services that you need. Now this can sometimes be tricky as it is hard to know exactly what services you may need, so asking someone you trust to help you make these decisions, is a great idea. At Me Plus More, we believe it is very important to be able to make these types of decisions on your own with or without support. For this reason, we have created a whole topic of learning on this. You can view the outline of Choosing your Supports here.

Different types of Providers

A Service Provider could be a person, or it might be an organisation. It could be a large company or a small company, a not-for-profit or a sole trader, and so on.  Service Providers could be or may not be NDIS registered. There are different reasons as to why a Service Provider is or is not registered with the NDIS, therefore you cannot assume that a Service Provider will not be the right fit for you because of their NDIS registration status.

How to find a Provider

Once you know the kind of support that will benefit you and that you wish to receive, you can use NDIA to search for a Provider. We are including a handy search tool to help you find a Provider or an organisation in your area. Just remember that this tool only lists the NDIS Registered Providers.

If you have an allocated Support Coordinator, we recommend you liaise with them to find services specific for your needs. Working with them will give you the best resources and access to what you are looking for.

Before choosing a Provider, we recommend researching their services and experience, possibly even feedback-reviews on the internet, before contacting them. This will ensure you make an informed choice. Also, ask people you know and family; they are great resources in assisting you finding the best Provider for you.

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